2002: Multiprocessor systems: Applications to image and video processing and optimization. SMAPIVO TIC2002-00228

This project deals with the problem of finding efficient solutions for a set of applications
requiring intensive computation by using a parallel and/or distributed computing.

of this project come from two different research areas where our group has got a
great experience. One subset of applications belongs to the image processing field, where
new proposal for the 3D reconstruction, segmentation and visualization of 3D scenes,
compression, transmission, managing images, etc. problems can only be solved by using
multicomputer systems. The second subset of applications is related to the field of Global
optimization where many irregular problems arise. They will be treated in two different
aspects: a) designing new algorithms with parallel properties and novel accelerating
devices, and b) implementing these new algorithms on heterogeneous multicomputer platforms.
In this project we also will deal with the set of problems related to progressive
image and video transmission.

Spanish Title: Sistemas multiprocesador: aplicación al procesamiento de imágenes, vídeo y optimización
Founding entity: Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología
Budget: 302.910,00
From 2002/12/01 to 2005/12/01