2018-2020: CHROMAE

Control and optimal management of heterogeneous resources in agroindustrial production districts integrating renewable energies


Nowadays there is a growing concern over overexploitation of non-renewable energy and materials associated with climate change and the need to maintain the modern economy and quality of life. This proposal aims to contribute, from the discipline of automatic control, to the optimal management of these resources in a way that ensures equitable access, efficiency and sustainability in the areas of water, energy and others including renewable energies. Specifically, the project addresses the problem of optimal resources management in agro-industrial districts, consisting of agricultural exploitations, processing and input supply companies allocated around a territory. The industries comprising the cluster are heterogeneous and hence their needs of both energetic (electricity, heat/cold) and materials (water and CO2) resources are different. In this framework, characterized by the heterogeneous nature of the demands, it is necessary to efficiently manage the use of the different resources in each of the plants. In addition, the flow of resources between the different systems must be properly coordinated, especially when renewable energy is used, with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact

See project website: http://www2.ual.es/chromae/