2018-2020: CALRESI: Large-scale microalgae production

CALRESI: Modeling and control of the combined process of microalgae production and waste water treatment with industrial reactors

Visit the project webpage: http://www2.ual.es/calresi/

The project deals with the analysis, study and application of modeling and control strategies for the optimisation of the process of wastewater treatment and biomass production of microalgae in large scale industrial photobioreactors.The main objective is to achieve optimal work conditions that allow an efficient synergy of the combined process of optimal growth of microalgae and the wastewater treatment, trying to achieve an appropriate balance between the energy required for such a process, the injection of CO2 for the maximization of microalgae production, and the recovery of costs through the resulting products. Microalgae use nutrients from wastewater (carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus), thus avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers. The appropriate combination of microalgae with waters residuals will allow to achieve an energy balance for this type of processes and, at the same time, contributing to the mitigation of emissions of gases to the environment.