2011: POWER

Predictive COntrol techniques for efficient management of reneWable Energy micro-gRids


Coordinated project lead by Universidad de Sevilla

This project deals with the analysis, study and application of modeling, control and optimization strategies (in the framework of Model-based Predictive Control, MPC) to achieve an efficient energy management in renewable energy micro-grids. The problem is composed by different control levels, because decisions about the final use of the available energy have to be made and there are therefore different objectives (minimizing the use of conventional fossil energy sources, economic, environmental and quality aspects, etc.) that give rise to a hierarchical control problem that requires coordination and cooperation between systems and that will be addressed using control techniques including ―economic‖ MPC, Real Time Optimization (RTO) and cooperative and distributed MPC, being also necessary to develop models, estimators and predictors of the energy generation and demand stages.