2011: ControlCrop – Controlling the growth of crops under glass by optimizing sustainability, economic and energy efficiency criteria

Control del crecimiento de cultivos bajo invernadero optimizando criterios de sostenibilidad, económicos y de eficiencia energética

P10-TEP-6174, project framework, supported by the Andalusian Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Science

This project aims to propose a strategy for the control of the crop growth under greenhouse optimizing criteria of sustainability, economic, energy efficiency and production quality. Specifically, the project is based on the development of a hierarchical control system that integrates economic criteria (so as to maximize the difference between the profit obtained from the crop sale and the production costs), energy savings, to improve the water efficiency use and increase the quality of horticultural products. In this way, the producer or the technician engineering can reconfigure the operation of the farm based on what is desired in each scenario imposed by the agricultural market variable.