2005: CJPROS – Hierarchical predictive control of processes in semi-continuous operation

This project deals with the development of concepts and design methodologies of integral control structures  for processes that operate in semi-continuous regime. This kind of processes can be found in systems operating under non-stationary conditions and thus, having an undefined operating point, as is the case of batch processes or those processes whose operating regime suffers from large and continuous changes during the day. The problem is addressed as a whole, analysing interactions between estimation and hierarchical control.

Proyecto: Control predictivo jerárquico de procesos en operación semicontinua

Código: DPI2004-07444-C04-04
Ámbito del proyecto: Nacional
Entidad financiadora: Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología
Responsable: Berenguel-Soria, Manuel
Fecha inicio: 13/12/2004
Fecha fin: 12/12/2007

The project accounts for three main basic problems: (i) the definition of a modelling standard and the development of an open structure for modelling and simulation, allowing and facilitating the use of models in the different levels of the hierarchical control structure: simulation, identification, control, optimisation, etc. levels, (ii) the development of state observers for this kind of processes and (iii) the development of hierarchical model predictive control strategies aimed at integrating the different production levels, from the control of physical variables (regulation) to the economical optimisation and resource planning levels, studying the stability, robustness and convergence of the developed schemes when the system is considered as a whole and when the process is subjected to modelling errors and disturbances in any of the control hierarchy levels.

The developed algorithms were applied to four processes that can be considered as representative of the agro-food industry: a thermal plant that is used in food processing, a rotary dryer, an industrial greenhouse and a process water waste treatment plant.

Visit the project webpage: http://aer.ual.es/CJPROS/index.php?Opcion=1