2002: Control óptimo de crecimiento de cultivos en invernadero

Hierarchical and optimal control of crop growth based on climatic and ferirrigation variables

CR-UAL-026 financed by Fundación Cajamar & Universidad de Almería

The main objective of this project is the design and implementation (using low/medium cost systems) of a hierarchical optimal control system for crop growth under greenhouse based on the indoor climate and fertigation, considerron economic criteria cso as to maximize the difference between the gross profit obtained from the sale of the crop and the production costs.

The achievement of this general objective requires the fulfillment of the following specific objectives:

1. Test and validation of data acquisition tools and control of greenhouses developed by the UAL research group.

2. Calibration and validation of a greenhouse interior climate model, based on a modular methodology.

3. Test and validation of different advanced control strategies (adaptive, predictive and robust) of the main climatic variables.

4. Development of a simplified model of crop transpiration for the design of a water supply control system for plants by irrigation using different strategies.

5. Calibration and validation of a simplified growth model for tomato in soilless cultivation system based on climatic and fertirrigation variables (pH and electrical conductivity).