Javier Bonilla Cruz

Javier Bonilla earned a BEng in Computer Engineering in 2001, a MEng in Computer Engineering in 2004, an MSc in Advanced Computer Science in 2008 and a PhD. degree in 2013, all of them from Almería University, Spain.

His PhD. dissertation, which was focus on object-oriented modeling and dynamic simulation of two-phase flow evaporators for direct steam generation parabolic-trough solar thermal power plants, was granted with a PhD. award in Engineering by Almería University.

From 2007, Javier Bonilla has been researching at Plataforma Solar de Almería – CIMEAT where he has been involved in national, as well as European, research projects all of them related to modeling, simulation and optimization of solar thermal processes: direct steam generation in parabolic-trough collectors, solar desalination, thermal storage and hybridization of solar energy with other energy sources.

Javier Bonilla also supervised a final project grade and a PhD. dissertation. He has contributed with publications in national and international conferences and authored several scientific papers in SCI Impact Factor Journals.