The CIESOL ( is a research centre on solar energy located inside the campus of University of Almería, in the South East of Spain. It is one of the five buildings which are part of the project ARFRISOL, a singular strategic project of the Spanish R&D plan 2004-2011 financed by EU-ERDF funds and the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. Furthermore, this centre was built under some bioclimatic criteria, such as specific insulation depending on the orientation or HVAC systems based on solar energy. The building itself has a total surface of 1071.91 m2 distributed in two floors. Moreover, every room is monitored by a network of sensors, whose data is stored through an acquisition system, and controlled by means of some actuators, i.e HVAC systems, automated windows or shading devices. Data related to meteorological conditions, such as solar radiation, temperature or humidity, is collected and stored as well.

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