Interactive Tool for analysis of time-delay systems with dead-time compensators
by J.L. Guzmán, P. García, T. Hägglund, S. Dormido, P. Albertos, and M. Berenguel

The problem of controlling delayed systems has been widely studied in the control community. The Smith Predictor (SP) scheme was the most famous and efficient technique to cope with this problem. After that, robustness problems and those related to the control of integrating and unstable delayed processes were resolved. This interactive tool presents a summary of the most relevant control structures which have been used in the solution of such problems in order to study and understand the different alternatives at hand for controlling systems with large delays. Interactive tools have provided excellent support for the control community during last years. In this way, this tool helps to compare easily the performance of PID controllers and SP approaches for processes with delay, as well as other control structures to face the different problems that the original SP has when using integrator and unstable models. Robustness problems due to presence of model uncertainties can also be analysed. The tool incorporates a set of typical transfer functions based on these real industrial processes.


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